About Us and Our work

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue is a UK registered charity dealing with the rescue & rehoming of Shih Tzu dogs.

The objects of the society are:

“The care & protection of Shih Tzu who are in need of such by reason of sickness, maltreatment and poor circumstances and the prevention of cruelty to and suffering amongst such animals”.

We are run by an elected committee of volunteer Trustees who are answerable to the Charity Commission.

A home for life

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue retains the ownership of all dogs in our care, and it is our aim to provide a home for life for all of our adoptees.

Should it come to our attention that one of our adoptees has been ill-treated, neglected or otherwise abused, we reserve the right to reclaim such dogs. This is an extreme measure, that would only be used as a last resort.  Whilst the term adoption is used throughout our website and in our documentation, it refers to you becoming the New Keeper.

Run entirely by volunteers

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who take no payment, this includes members of the committee, where no honorariums are paid.

We are always looking for caring people able to help with temporary accommodation, or with collection of and transport of dogs. We need your help in what is now a battle, one we can’t afford to lose if we are not to see more Shih Tzu unloved, ill-treated or unwanted.

All monies raised, collected or donated are used for the welfare and care of our rescued Shih Tzu.

The rescue directory

About Dog Breed Rescue in the UK:

The Kennel Club  publish the Dog Rescue Directory which is a directory of UK Breed Rescue Organisations and is widely distributed in the UK.

Members of Southern Shih Tzu Rescue have supplied the Kennel Club with references from their veterinary surgeons, which enables us to be listed in this directory. This directory is distributed to veterinary surgeries and general rescue centres amongst others.