Some of our success stories..

So many Shih Tzus have come through our foster homes over the past 30 years. Most are successfully rehomed, some need to stay with an experienced foster carer if they have health or behavioral issues and sadly a few have to be put to sleep, but all of them have their own story and we learn something from each and every one of them.

When a new dog comes into the rescue, we wonder what it must be like for them and how they must be feeling. Some have come in because their owners have passed away, some due to owners health problems or marriage break-ups and some are abandoned and have been badly neglected, but all of them are welcomed into their foster carers homes with open arms.

It would be impossible to write about every rescued Shih Tzu that has come into our doors. All of them have been special, but some have been extra special and below are some of their stories.

Scampi’s Story


Daisy’s Story


Benny’s Story


Bo’s Story


Coco’s Story