Bo’s Story

We were contacted in February 2015 and asked if we would be able to take in a little female immediately! The gentleman was worried about her health and well-being and explained that he and his partner had taken her on from a person who didn’t want her anymore and that they hadn’t realised that she was pregnant. They had been looking after her for approximately 3 weeks when she gave birth to 4 puppies. One of the puppies was born dead and the others all died within 24 hours. Bo had been attacked by their staffy and had a puncture wound through her ear and another wound on her neck. Hannah and Debbie met the couple who were in a pick-up lorry at a service station a couple of hours later, to be handed a very frightened and shaking little girl, who was swollen with milk and bleeding. She snuggled straight into Debbie’s cardigan and after signing the paperwork, Hannah drove straight to the vets. The vet scanned her for a microchip as the circumstances were rather unusual and we were worried that she may have been stolen and passed on. She was micro-chipped, but the microchip number had never been registered and she was not reported as missing. The vet examined her thoroughly and diagnosed that she had a womb infection which is probably why the puppies had all died. From the date of her microchip, we were able to obtain her date of birth, she was only a puppy herself and should never have been mated at such a young age. She was given antibiotics and we were told to keep a very close eye on her, for any deterioration in her condition, as she may need to be spayed as an emergency. She was checked regularly by the vet and continued to bleed for a while but luckily she recovered beautifully and became firm friends with Hannah and Janes dogs. When the timing was right, she was booked in to be spayed and after her stitches were removed, she was able to be rehomed with a lovely couple in Kent. She is such a special little dog and we were so glad we were able to help her to recover from her ordeal and place her into a wonderful forever home.

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