Benny’s Story

Benny was signed over to the rescue as a result of a marriage break up. Poor Benny went from living in a family home with lots of people around all of the time, to living in a flat with his mum who sadly had to go back to work all the hours and was having to leave him alone whilst working part time. Benny really wasn’t coping very well and would cry while she was out at work. The neighbours were understanding at first, but when his owner advised that she was worried about him they admitted that on a couple of occasions he had been howling pitifully for up to 4 hours.
Benny’s owner made the unselfish decision to do what was right for Benny, who needs a home where there are people around during the day. His foster mum said he is a really smashing lad and has been for a visit to see Joyce Ellis after his vet check. Benny was vaccinated and had some treatment for a minor skin irritation and has now gone to his forever home by the sea in Hampshire.

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