9 year old Holly was signed over to SSTR in March 2017 and was described by her previous owners as having itchy skin, which flared up from time to time, but was ok at the moment.  Our lovely foster mum Kerry, contacted us when she had arrived and advised that she was in very poor condition (much worse than we had been led to believe).  Upon seeing texted photographs our co-ordinators agreed that we wanted her to be seen by the vet as a matter of urgency as we didn’t want her to suffer a moment longer than she had to.  Holly was infested with mange mites and she was diagnosed with a very severe yeast infection that had been untreated for a very long time.  She was immediately prescribed a course of treatment including a tablet to control parasites, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and an anti-fungal shampoo to be administered twice a week.  As her condition was neglected for a very very long time, her recovery has also been rather erratic and on top of her skin problems, poor Holly has also suffered spinal problems which have been treated with anti-inflammatories and plenty of rest.  Luckily, she is now doing so much better and we are so proud of her.  Our sincere thanks to her foster family for taking such good care of her, this little girl has come a long way .  It’s thanks to your ongoing support and donations that we are able to continue to help dogs like Holly.

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